Thursday, May 24, 2012

Homolovi to Dead Horse

While that might seem like a strange title to you
 its simply the name of where we were and where we are.

Homolovi State Park - Winslow, Arizona
The site of a once thriving native american village.  It has an amazing amount of pottery
shards littering the grounds where the village once stood.

Everywhere you looked you could find shards.

Don't take any though...
First it's Illegal...
Second - it's just wrong...
Third and most importantly - it's REAL bad Karma!

It was the most amazing thing to just find this stuff everywhere.
It was so special to hold a piece and think about the person who created it so many
hundreds of years ago.
What was their life like?  How big was their family?

I so much wanted to take a small piece with me but it was just wrong....

Kate entertained us with a native american dance
It's on Utube...
Soon a link will be on the blog...
It was interesting...  We laughed our butts off!

After our visit to Homolovi I ruins, we packed up camp and hit the road to
Cottonwood, Arizona and Dead Horse Ranch State Park.

We are now there, on a mountain side overlooking the Verde Valley.
It's another beautiful park.

Tomorrow, sadly we will be delivering Paul back to Phoenix for his early
Saturday morning flight back to NY.

Tonight we celebrated with some huge Fred Flintstone NY Strip Steaks
and a bottle of Opus One (his favorite) which we purchased last year when we 
visited the Opus One Vineyard in Napa Valley.

Tomorrow is another full day.
We have several historic sites to visit before we head to the airport.

I should have some great photos to share tomorrow - but it might be Saturday before i get to
blog next.

Till then... 


  1. I think that's how Tina Turner got her idea for "Private Dancer." People saw it and asked her to please keep it private. Everything is well back here. The weather is about normal for this time of year - hot with scattered thunderstorms. Perfect for the tourists to head this way. Bobinbft

  2. I'm back!! I know how tempting it must have been to take a small piece of pottery, but I would never do that, not after the Mayan spirits put a curse on my camera in Tuluum....Glad that Paul could do some sightseeing with you all!! Take care! Margie :o)

  3. I know what you mean about not taking items from special places like that. Good decision to take only photos with you.


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