Monday, May 20, 2019

Page Az to Idaho Falls, Id

We've been back on the road for a week now and have only made about
1,000 miles off of our 4,000 mile trip - but that is changing....

After leaving Deadhorse Ranch State Park after an overnight, we
traveled about 250 miles north to the Wahweep Campground in the
Lake Powell National Recreation Area.

Then after a night there, we moved another 2 hours north into Utah Red Rock Country
where we spent the last 5 nights.

This morning it was time to put the pedal to the medal, and get into "Trucker Mode" 
So we moved 465 miles north to Idaho Falls Idaho, where we are tonight
spending the night in a Walmart Parking lot.

The weather everywhere north of Arizona is cold and wet, followed by
more cold and wet.

But north of the border its much dryer and warmer....
So northward with haste we will flee.

Here is a map from the blog that shows our travels since we left Tucson.

(remember to click on the pictures to see a large size photo)

Arriving at Lake Powell NRA

Wahweep is a lovely campground with Full Hook up and dry campsites.
Over the years it is getting a bit pricy now but it still is a wonderful spot.

One View of the lake

A view of one of the camp roads

Our site - a FHU Pull Thru

The next morning we were back on the road headed North on US89 which is one of our
favorite roads.   The scenery on US 89 changes constantly.

US 89 in Az 
We arrived at Red Canyon National Forest Campground around noon and had our pick
of the sites.    It is dry camping at 7,200' and in the summer is a welcome cool
oaisis from the Arizona temps down lower.   This time of year, with a bunch of cold
fronts coming thru - it was downright cold at times.

The Red Rock scenery makes up for any inconveniences that the weather might dish out.

I selected our site as it had perfect sun for the solar panels, and a clear view of the
satellites so we had all the conforts.

We hung out here for 5  days to delay our arrival in Canada since this weekend is
Victoria day weekend - a long weekend which would have meant more crowds in
the campgrounds along the way.

Our view out the front window

A dry wash in the campground
As I said - we had a run of wet and cool weather, and even had a day of
snow flurries.

All was well inside of our cozy home where Kate snuggled under the beautiful blanket
that Vicki (remember her broken bones?) knitted for us.

Red Canyon is only about 20 miles from Bryce Canyon NP and Kodachrome SP
but we've been there many times so we did some exploring of lesser known areas.

One day we drove about 10 miles up a dirt road to see Tropic Reservoir.

Back at the bus - Gracie kept warm on Kates lap under the blanket.

This morning (Sunday) we got back on the road.
7hrs later we parked at Walmart in Idaho Falls, Id.
Tomorrow we'll overnight at an RV Park in Shelby Montana, just a few
miles from the border.   We'll drain tanks, do some laundry, fill the fresh water,
and cross into Canada.

Our plan is to be in Dawson Creek on Weds the 22nd and then the next day
start our ride up the Alaska Highway.

We'll probably spend a week or at Muncho Lake, and where else we'll see as we go.

When we get to Whitehorse in the Yukon, we'll decide if we want to go to Dawson
and take the Top of the World Highway to Alaska - or just stay on the Alcan and
instead spend a week or so at Congdon Creek Govt CG on Kluane Lake - which
is one of our favorites.

Decisions...  Decisions.

See you up the road.

Monday, May 13, 2019

North to Alaska

Ok this post will be a quickee.
You like a quickee right?
Everyone likes a quickee....

We are finally back on the road.

After an action packed Fall and Winter filled with dozens of guests,
lots of laughs and a few tears....
 We are back on the road headed north to Alaska
for our third summer season.

I brought the bus back to the house this morning.
Filled the water tank with some nice soft water.

Filled the Fridge & Freezer to the bursting point.

And at 1145am we were headed down Dove Mountain Road,
the only road to/from our house,
 for one last time for this go around.

Every day for the last month or so the desert has been surprising us with new flowers.
The view of the Palo Verde Trees in Bloom were a wonderful send off.

Palo Verde on Dove Mtn Rd Marana

Our destination for night one is Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood Az,
just outside of Sedona in the Verde Valley.

Headed north on I-10 then I-17 we dropped down the 5 mile grade into the Verde Valley

5 mile 7% Grade into The Verde Valley

DHRSP is a great home base for visiting Sedona.
We've stayed here several times.
On this trip however it is just a one night stop so we chose a pull-thru site
so that we would not need to unhook the toad.

The view west from our site.

Passing showers over Mingus Mtn Cottonwood, Az

Our spot is the extreme left of the photo below.

Tomorrow is a 4 hr drive north to Page Az where we'll spend a single night
at Wahweep on Lake Powell, then on Tuesday we plan to head a couple hrs north to
Utah route 12 just west of Bryce Canyon to a small National Forest Campground
called Red Canyon, that we've stayed at before and just love.

Its first come first serve and I don't anticipate a problem (fingers crossed)
If we get a nice spot we'll probably hang there for 5 days or so and let the Canadian
Victoria 4 day weekend get passed before we venture into Canada.

We might stop at Yellowstone and hang there over Memorial Day at another nice
National Forest Campground that we love....

Then again - we might must make a dash north to Dawson Creek BC and get
a head start on the Alaska Highway.

Time will tell.

Stay tuned....   we're back in action.