Sunday, June 26, 2011

Best Friends

Yesterday we drove from Jackson, Wyoming to Colorful Colorado.
Coming into the state on US287 is a very pretty drive.
This is the welcome sign.

Then arriving in Golden, Colorado.
(Home of Coors Brewing)

Today we visited with my good friend Frank and His Family.
Frank & I go back many years, and no better a friend could one ever hope for.
No matter how long we don't see each other, when we do - it's like we saw each other yesterday.

Today was crammed - starting with Breakfast at Apple Ridge Cafe - one of my old haunts.
Then off to red rocks, park and seeing dinosaur tracks at the geologic formation.

Lots of reminiscing, Kate loved hearing all the stories, and Frank has lots of pictures from the old days...
He even had one of me without a mustache!  I thought I was born with it.

Todays Self Portrait

Our Denver visit was way too short but we have a schedule to keep so tomorrow we head off to Estes Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park.
Till then.


  1. When I saw you post that you were going to visit an old friend in Colorado, I knew just who and was going to post and tell you to be sure to get pictures! It's nice to put faces with names and old stories! I figured I'd better read ahead though after last time and sure enough, you anticipated my request! Frank looks just like I'd imagined and you guys look like you had a great time!

  2. Welcome home!! What a nice site it is to see your truck and camper back in Beaufort!


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