Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The road less traveled to Doodleville

We are now at an RV Park on the water in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.
Life is good.
The road here from NW Washington, thru the Cascades, across and then south thru Washington was about 450 miles on 2-lane fairly quiet road.  It's nice to be off the beaten track and have the road to yourself.

This is the bridge that crossed the Columbia River.

Crossing Sherman Pass in Eastern Washington on WA-20.

We had a deer in the campground just as we were leaving this morning.

And then when we arrived this afternoon we had a doodle in the campground.

Needless to say - Kate turned it into a Doodleparty.

The owner of the doodle plus others are getting ready to caravan up to Alaska.  There are about 16 of them going in a group.  It will take 35 days to make the trip up.

Tomorrow morning I have an 0800 appointment at Ford for an Oil Change and Tire rotation, then we are off to Scenic Glacier National Park.

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