Tuesday, June 7, 2011

San Francisco

Today we rested our Livers, skipped the wine tastings and instead headed to San Francisco.  
From Napa it is a short 1 hour drive.  
Our Friends Matt & Julie fly back home tomorrow from SFO so our visit served double duty shuttling them into the city.

We took the scenic route and drove over the Golden Gate Bridge (picture taken from moving car - sorry)

 then we drove down Lombard Street.

We then drove over to Telegraph Hill and the Coit Tower after which we headed uptown to Nob Hill & the Fairmont Hotel where Matt & Julie checked in.

The Fairmont is the original hotel in the Fairmont Hotel Portfolio.  It was built in 1906, withstood the Great Earthquake and fire that year and has been the location for many movies.
The Fairmont hosted the world for the formation of the United Nations and the UN Charter was drafted in the Hotel's Garden Room.

This is a picture of the hotel lobby

We then headed down to the waterfront and Fishermans Wharf for lunch.

You just have to love a city that lets you bring your dog to lunch.

Todays Self Portrait

Our lunch stop included a view of the "Rock" Alcatraz Island.

After spending some time visiting the waterfront and people watching, it was soon time for Kate & I to head back to Napa before rush hour traffic started to build.

We had grocery shopping and misc errands to run in preparation for our departure tomorrow morning and I needed to get back to the camper to get some work done - so sadly we dropped Matt & Julie off at the Powell & Hyde Cable Car line which they could take back to their hotel.

Tomorrow morning we pick up our roots and will head about 6 hours north along the coast.

Next Stop - Redwoods.

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  1. Ok, I have been slacking a little bit in the comment department but cut me a little slack as I've been swamped! :-) I love this pics. The winding street is really cool and I love seeing the doodles out and about. I wish we had some places around here to take our pups to lunch! I think you should've spent an extra day taking a tour of Alcatraz! Tell Katie I hear it's haunted! All right.... thanks for the interruption but guess I better get back to cutting the checks! Will look forward to tomorrow's update! Hugs to you all! T


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