Saturday, June 11, 2011

How North can we go?

We are now at Deception Pass State Park in Anacortes, Wa.
We are just about as far as one can go NorthWest in the Continental US, without swimming.

We drove about 300 miles further North today.  We crossed the Coast Range and then drove thru Portland Oregon and crossed the Great Columbia River.

Crossing the Columbia

We continued north thru Seattle and around the East side of Puget Sound

Arriving at Deception Pass State Park - we first drove some of the Park roads

Eventually into the campground....  Again - old growth forest.
Really cool old BIG Trees.

Our campsite is quiet, secluded, and very pretty

We are here tomorrow night as well.  Monday I'm trying to arrange for an oil change before we head East thru the Cascades.

Should be some interesting pictures tomorrow as we explore the local area.

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