Monday, June 20, 2011

Who let the Moose out?.... Who let the Moose out?....

Another late post here.

After dinner we were just getting ready to take the Doodles for the evening walk.
As Kate was getting them leashed up - I went outside to clean up and "Bear Proof" the Camp.  
We are in Grizzly Country and keeping the camp clean and food free is essential.

I glanced into the bush...  I always look around just to make sure there's nothing out there that might want me for dinner...

And this guy was about 30 feet away chomping on the greenery.

His head stood about 10-12' off the ground.

He is growing his new antlers - by fall they will be a new full Bullwinkle Moose Rack.

I'm guessing that he is a youngster...  perhaps a couple years old.

It pays to keep your eyes open.

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  1. Jealous . . . I love moose. When we were in Alaska we chased one down in our motor home so I could get a picture. Love all the pictures and am really enjoying your blog, thank you for taking the time to write and post pictures. Kim


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