Saturday, June 18, 2011

And the winner is....

OK...  So I was surprised that someone out there who had already been to Glacier didn't write to me screaming  "just where is that supposed Tram and Magical Town up on the hill??"

The short answer is that all of yesterdays pictures ("Rainy day in Glacier" Post) were taken a few years ago when we were in Switzerland.  (Go back and look at the town - you will see the Swiss Flag Flying) 

Honorable mention however goes to Bill, Rose, and Theressa who all said how it looked like Switzerland.

The lake is Lake Como on the Swiss Italian Border.  The rest was the Tram ride up from Steckelburg to Murren.

It might have been Glacier however.  The weather has been the same and the view was the same.  Lots of clouds, rain, and missing views.  Not that we are complaining however.  It still is beautiful, remote, and we found plenty to do.

First we drove the part of Going to the Sun Road (GTTSR) that was open.

It was open to Lake McDonald Lodge.

The lodge was built in 1913 by a private individual at a time when the great Railroads were building other lodges in the park.  It was part of a "if you build it they will come strategy"

The strategy worked and next year the lodge will celebrate its 100th birthday!

Inside the lodge - it displays the typical log, post construction found in so many of the Great National Park Lodges.

Kate finds another "Lodge Buddy"

Outside the lodge some of the "Big Red Busses" are ready for their summer run.

These particular busses are part of a group of 18 of the 1932 Fleet that the Ford Motor Company spent several years refurbishing and now provide daily tours over the GTTSR.  (when it is open)

We then headed into higher territory along the Camas Road - a dirt road that you can take all the way into Canada.  We had the road to ourselves for miles and miles.  It was a beautiful Drive.

Along the road

Parked along the road.

Yesterday (Friday) we drove South To Missoula, Mt where we spent the night in a private RV Park.

Today we drive 4hrs further south towards Yellowstone and will camp in a National Forest Campground along the Gallatin River near Big Sky Montana.  
Sunday we then drive another hour south to our next home for 4 days, and begin our assault on Yellowstone.

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