Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Rainy Day in Glacier

Not being the type to let a little rain get us down it was time for us to figure out a plan B for the day.

So...  we decided to take a little trip up the Murren Tram.

Glacier National Park has many Glacier Carved Lakes.   Here is the view of Lake MacDonald.
Unfortunately the rain is obscuring the mountain tops or you would see the snow capped peaks.

There is a great tram that you can take up the mountains to a remote village on the hillside.

Driving up the valley to the tram

This is the base of the tram looking up

Riding up the tram

The great town on the side of the mountain.

Kate did a bunch of shopping in the little shops

We rode the tram back down and now are back at the camper planning the nights festivities.
Looks like it's  going to be "Movie Night"

Tomorrow we move over to the East side of Glacier but the weather forecast for this whole area looks like rain for several more days...  Keep those fingers crossed.


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  1. Nice pictures even if a bit gloomy! I love the picture of that town. It reminds me of a Swiss town... not that I've ever been but looks like a neat place to go shopping! T

  2. Love love love the pics and the blog!!!!!
    Can't wait to hear about it in person!

  3. okay that was my post above...figuring this blog stuff out! sue b


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