Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The rain in Spain

We are now in Glacier National Park - Fish Creek Campground.

Our dry day is over and we are back in the fog.  I think we have this weird "Mountain Karma" thing going on...   Every time we get into beautiful mountain scenery it seems the clouds move in and obscure the peaks and the beautiful view with them.   This happened to us in Switzerland too.  We had almost a week of clouds and rain during the normally dry season.

Oh well it is spring in the Northern Rockies and it does rain this time of year in these parts...

One of the main reasons to come to Glacier is the Going to the Sun Road.  It is an amazing ride but unfortunately for us - its a ride not to be taken this time....   they are still clearing the record snow that fell last winter.   29 miles are open so tomorrow we will see what we can see.

We have our eye on Colorado where I promised Kate it will be warm and dry.

Anyway...  Our ride today was a mixed bag of mountains, prairie, sunshine & rain.

The day started with me at the Coeur d' Alene Ford Dealer for an oil change and tire rotation.

We drove north into Montana and around Flathead lake - the largest body of freshwater. in the western states.

The valley by the lake is like the Emerald City

In the distance is the Rockies (and the rain from the uplift of the mountains)

We are headed that way.

A neat farm in the valley.

For the next several nights we are running off of battery power but we have the most amazing broad band connection yet!  Go figure - we are close to nowhere, not many good pictures to chose from because of the rain,  and I have all the horsepower that I need to post like crazy.

Oh well...  Maybe tomorrow we'll have some real winners to share.

From a damp and cool Glacier National Park, with Kate in the kitchen whipping up something tasty, I'll say goodnight till tomorrow.

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