Friday, June 24, 2011

The Hills are Alive

Today started with my preparing a healthy & lo-cal breakfast of Corned Beef Hash & Eggs.

After a walk with the Doodles we hopped in the truck and headed for the hills.
I had scouted out some 4-wheel drive roads before we came out here, and had one road in particular that I wanted to try.  The Shadow Mountain Road takes you about 1,500' up Shadow Mountain and gives you a great view of the valley below and the Tetons beyond.

We found the road with no problems, and climbed up to the top.
We had the whole mountain to ourselves.

We let the Doodles out and they had a ball tearing thru the meadows at 8,100'
Kate did her Maria Von Trapp thing....

This was also the location for todays self portrait...
This time I used the timer.

After spending a couple of hours up in the peace & quiet we headed back down into the valley.

Crossing the valley to the mountains we came across a deserted village.
Turns out it is the remnant of an old Mormon Settlement from the 1800's
There were originally about 33 homes here.
They had dug irrigation canals and used the water from the Gros Ventre River
(which we are camped on)

I shot this one with my telephoto as we were starting across the valley.

The settlement was sheltered by nearby bluffs which would help to cut down on the brutal Wyoming winter winds.

A bathroom with a view!

Several more buildings just a few hundred yards down the creek.

After visiting several more buildings we then headed back on our journey across the valley towards the base of the mountains.
There is a great spot called Jenny Lake where the views are out of this world.
With over 500 photos taken today - I just don't have the energy to try and pick the best of the best.

This photo is taken across Jackson Lake

I think you get the idea...  The place is pretty scenic.

Tomorrow we pack up once more and head south.
It will be a 9+ hr drive to Golden, Colorado just outside of Denver.
This is sort of a homecoming for me, having lived in the area for many years.
While there, we will be visiting a good friend and I need some downtime with good (fast) internet to get some work done so we will likely stay Saturday and Sunday in the area before heading up to Rocky Mountain National Park.


  1. These photos are unreat! They look like calendar photos to me.....get the hint? We just returned to dock and need to commis island spirit and then we need to catch up on the blog. What a great trip you are having. Love it

  2. Wow, great pictures and descriptions also. I see you had shorts on so the weather must be getting warmer :) Kim


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