Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bison in the Backyard

Another late post.
Maybe I should just wait and do my post later because it seems no sooner than I get it done, then something happens in the neighborhood.

Last night it was a Moose.
Tonight it was Bison.
A whole herd of them....   many babies too!

40-50 of the big hairy monsters walked 20 feet away from our camper
and right thru the camp across the road from us.
Very Cool indeed.

What's on the agenda for tomorrow?
A flock of penguins?


  1. Love the bison taking over the road! And wearing the same shirt is cute!

  2. As always, you've got some great pictures! Really enjoy seeing the wildlife....Maybe you will see grizzlies tommorrow.... from a distance!
    Have fun! T


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