Friday, July 1, 2011

Rocky Mountain National Park

I am behind on the blog due to a real lack of internet for the last couple of days plus a really busy schedule.  We had planned to spend 3 days here but had to leave on Day 3.   
More about that in tomorrows blog.

We left Denver on Monday and drove a couple of hours to RMNP where we settled into our Campsite.

This is our site

This is a view from the camp.
The view is looking up towards Trail Ridge Road (shown in later photos)

RMNP is loaded with Elk
This big bull was near our campsite

On Tuesday we headed up to the high-country and Trail Ridge Road.
TRR is the highest continuous road in the United States and reaches a high point of 12,183 feet.
It  follows US34 from Estes Park on the East side of the Continental Divide to Grand Lake on the West.

This is a shot climbing from the East Side.  Our Camp is at the far end of the valley in the middle of the photo.  You can see the road snaking its way up, and up, and up.

As you climb, eventually you are above Tree-line (where trees no longer grow)
and into the snow.

A typical view along the road.  It is a gorgeous drive.

Some Elk had already migrated up onto the Tundra to enjoy the early season forage.

I know a few boys up in Lake George who would love to see one of these in their Back-yard.

Crossing the Continental Divide, we descended into the Colorado River Watershed on the Pacific side.  Here, in this beautiful meadow you can see the young Colorado River beginning its 1500 mile journey.

One of Americas greatest rivers, it is born in the snow thousands of feet above,  just a few miles away from where this photo was taken. 

From here it will create the power for millions of homes, provide the agricultural and drinking water to feed and quench the thirst of millions, all while carving some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet such as Grand Canyon.

Returning to the East side, our self portrait of the day.

Tomorrow we head off to....

Well - that's a story for tomorrow.

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