Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hello's - Goodbyes - and Donkeys

Today started with another fine sunrise.

After the sun had risen it was once again time for our morning walk.
Like we do each day - we take the Doodles for a nice stroll.

Today the wild Burros of Imperial Dam were along our path
and served as the backdrop for todays self portrait.

While there, the lighter colored Burro made a lunge at Lucy.
I think Lucy's presence was upsetting to the Burro.
Oddly - Lucy stood her ground.
Ron & Stan stood up to him, chased him back, and saved the day.
Gracie hid behind me as usual.

Ron (L) is coming to Alaska with us.
Stan (middle) is a new friend from NJ - my old stomping grounds.
Last night Stan hosted a hot dog roast.
Lots of Hebrew National Dogs make for a good night!
We called them Grilled Doodles.

Today Ron & Maxine packed up the party bus and headed up to Lake Havasu.
We will see them again in May in W. Glacier, Montana
at the start of our Alaska trip.

At 430 we had our usual desert happy hour.

Our happy hour group.

During our happy hour the Burro's decided to make another visit.

Just another day in the desert.


  1. Have you been to Oatman yet? It's a must see area.

  2. Love your stories, pictures & places you guys visit. Keep having fun!

  3. We saw you gathered around the circle in the desert - hope it's warmer there than it is here! Ever since we left the Turks and Caicos it's been cold. Downright chilly overnight to Miami and now colder than we like here - guess I'm going to have to get the parka out.

    Great sunset shots.


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