Monday, February 3, 2014

The big Switcheroo

Currently (Sunday) we are back in Casa Grande, Az.
By the time I get this posted we will probably be in Tucson.

Thursday our group started to shrink with the departure of Ron & Maxine.

Friday morning we had another nice sunrise.

Then later Friday morning it was Stan & Marilyn (not pictured)
and Jim & Kristi hitting the road

Our final sunrise at Imperial Dam

Followed later Saturday morning by Johns departure.

Then Curtis & Stephanie

Finally Chuck and Judy & Kate and I complete the departure.
Our little parking area returns to its peaceful norm.

Kate & I drove 2 1/2 hrs to Casa Grande where the Dog House is in storage.

Last night we had a fantastic sunset.
Unfortunately our location in the RV Park prevented getting a real scenic shot,
but you can still get a taste of how it was.

Today we retrieved the DH and parked it in a site next to us so that we could
start moving contents from the Monty.

This evening we watched the not so Super Bowl.
Today I'm ashamed to say I'm a Broncos fan.

Tomorrow I'll feel better and start looking forward to next season.
We will drop off the Monty at the storage yard, load the DH onto the truck again
and head 1 1/2hrs south to Tucson where we will hook up again with
Jim, Kristi, Stan, & Marilyn for a few days.
The gem show is in full swing so I will do some rock shopping.

Ok - its now Monday night and we are in Tucson at the LazyDays RV park
The Monty / DH switcheroo went off without a hitch.

Jim n Kristi and Stan n Marilyn are here.  We just had happy hour and I'm now back in
the Dog House getting ready for our first night of "reduced luxury"
Actually the bed in the dog house is much more comfortable and my
back is bothering me so tonights sleep should be restful.

It is cool in Tucson tonight - currently low 50's and a light rain is falling.
You can really smell the soil here when it rains.
It seems that the rain really brings the the scents of the desert to life.
A wonderful mix of scents that is hard for me to describe.
So between the light sprinkles on the roof, the cool temps, and the wonderful
desert scents…  should be a great night for sleeping.

Tomorrow I go in search of rocks.


  1. I'd like to see those rocks! Looking forward to the next journey in the Dog house!


  2. Sorry we missed seeing you. Most people think you are crazy if you tell them when it rains in Arizona everyone runs outside. You are one of the few not from Arizona that recognizes the sweet smell. Glad you could experience it.

  3. I'm missing something - why the switcheroo at this point? Are you heading back east or have some side trip planned?

    We left Miami and are now anchored off Jewfish Creek in the Keys. Warmer here but still cooler than the Islands.


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