Sunday, February 23, 2014

The fleecing begins.

Yesterday we sadly left our beautiful spot on Key Largo and headed North.

While there we enjoyed some visits from the local wildlife.

A snowy egret stalks his morning meal.

A White Ibis strikes a pose

A rare chlorine walrus comes up for air

Packed up and ready to leave I took one last parting photo of our beautiful site.

Then we were back on the road.

Our next port of call was Vero Beach and a quick visit with
 my Boss Jeff and his wife Cheryl who were down from Upstate NY
getting a well deserved mid winter thaw.

It was such a fast visit and we had such a good time that we totally forgot to
take a single picture…  Sorry folks.

We got to spend time with them and their Australian Labradoodle Lilly,
who is 8 months younger and shares lineage with our Lucy Doodle.
Cheryl does an amazing job keeping Lilly well groomed.
Compared to our two Desert Rats Lilly was in a class by herself.
Well done Cheryl.

Confucius said: "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life"

In my 20th year at my job, I am blessed to have a great boss, 
work with great people, and am able to do my job while traveling and writing.
What more could one ask for?

This morning we packed up again and moved a short 90 minutes north
and now are at Fort Wilderness in Disneyworld.

Checking in is unique in that you don't' even have to leave the truck.

It seems more like a State or National Park Campground than a commercial park.
The price tag however SCREAMS Disney!

Our site is large, full hookup, and private.
Cable included - I have my Satellite dish out regardless.

After we settled in we decided to check out the nearby locales.
Staying in a WDW resort gives us unlimited "complimentary" transportation so we
decided to start trying to squeeze out our moneys worth.

Down to the Marina we trecked, where we caught a water taxi to the Wilderness Lodge - a
large hotel reminiscent of the Great National Park Lodges.

A quick self portrait in front of the Lodge.

Inside it seems a lot like the Old Faithful Inn.
I'm sure it was the inspiration for the architect.

Sitting inside felt like home…  Like we were in Yellowstone.
When you walk outside into the humidity and see Palmettos however,
 you are snapped back to reality.

I took a few minutes to relax in the lobby and enjoy some people watching.

While visiting the Lodge Kate picked up her very own Mickey Mouse Watch!
Now if I can get her to wear it and her glasses...

Tomorrow we will visit Epcot and then back to The Wilderness Lodge
for Dinner at the highly acclaimed Artist Point Restaurant.

The Restaurant theme is based upon Pacific Northwest cuisine and wines.

Can you say Yum?

Tuesday will be Magic Kingdom.

We should have some fun pictures and things to report tomorrow.

See you tomorrow (if we still have any money left)


  1. Di$ney is Lot$ of Fun and there is plenty to $ee. We really enjoy Orlando. Looks like your Key$ visit was a great $pot.
    Thank$ for the fun real and great photo$.

  2. You guys will have a blast! It is an example naive place. Have. Great time!


  3. Lol! Not sure about the 2nd part of my comment! Anyway, tell Mickey "hey"!


  4. Fun, fun, fun at Disney! Your site looks lovely and private. We ate at the Wilderness Lodge once...great atmosphere. Hope the parks are uncrowded, with maximum fun for you!


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