Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Miami - aka Girls on Film

On Sunday we moved from Tampa over the the Southeast Coast of Florida.

On the way south we met sailboat buds 
Bobby and Lesley for Brunch at a Cracker Barrel on I-75..
Bobby & I owned the same sailboat models…  only a few hull numbers apart.

They had just arrived back in the US after bringing their boat back from the
Caribbean after 7 years.
They were on the way to pick up a new puppy….  an exciting day for sure.

It was a quick visit but always nice to see them.
My last time visiting with both of them was Christmas eve on their boat in Grenada..
I had just arrived from a month at sea sailing a 50' Sailboat from Spain,
 the beers and Shepard Pie we shared was a welcome respite.

Here in the Miami area we've been staying at an RV Park outside of
the Metro area in Farm Country.

While here we have been visiting with our Sailboat Buddies
Hayden and Radeen who are doing their winter cruise on their sailboat
and have been spending the last month in the Coconut Grove area at Dinner Key.

Dinner Key is an historic area and once served as the base for the 
Pan American World Airways flying clipper seaplanes that serviced Latin America.

The old terminal building is now Miami City hall.

Many of the old hangers and the ramps the clippers used to exit the water
are still here.
Much of the area is now part of the City Owned Dinner Key Marina.
A huge expanse of docks and mooring fields.

This weekend was the world renowned Coconut Grove Art Fair, this
year being the 50th anniversary.

There was amazing displays presented by artists from all over the world.

Some examples

Then today we shifed gears.
It was time to rub elbows with the rich and famous and head over to
Miami Beach.

For those of you who are not sure of the geography…

Miami beach is separate from Miami.   It is across Biscayne Bay on
a barrier island.

On the map below you can see Miami to the left and Miami Beach to the right.

Collins Ave is the main beachfront road that runs north/south.
In south beach it becomes the world famous art deco district.

The Art Deco Architecture coupled with the brightly colored buildings 
creates a festive feel.   The thumping music and the throb of Lamborghini's passing
by tells you that you are in a special place.
A place where the rich and famous come to play and be seen.

4 of the not so rich and famous…
But a great group none the less.

South Beach is the scene of many photo shoots.

Many famous models got their start along these streets and
Keeping with our theme of the day…
Girls on Film..
we did our own photo shoot with a couple of very special models.

Splendor in the Grass...

The Girls of Havana...

The Girls of the Fountain...

They came, they saw, they conquered.
We'll call it a wrap and go to print!

The Doods are always a big hit wherever they go and today was no exception.

Now - they are passed out in the Dog House from the strenuous work 
of a South Beach Photo Shoot.  They'll sleep well tonight.

Sadly - once again it was time to say goodbye to Hayden & Radeen.
We had a great time and as usual..  it passed way to fast.
Way to fast….
See you down the road my seafaring friends.
We are off to the Keys.

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  1. Greg and Kate and my Doodles ... We had a great time! We always have a great time with you. Yes I have my favorite Gracie but I Love Lucy just as much. Thank you for making the run east. It was great to spend time together.


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