Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mary Coyle Old Fashioned Ice Cream

Well we finally made it.
We've been trying for over a year now but the Ice Cream Gods
always had other plans for us.

Either too far…  
not enough time…
We just ate...
The Doodles gotta poo…

Always something in the way.

Today however the stars aligned.
A perfect storm of missed UPS deliveries, 
the need to drive to UPS in Phoenix to pick up some work packages 
and an empty propane tank needing to be filled
all conspired to put us right in the vicinity…
So what could we do?
We had no choice.

Mary Coyle's is a Phoenix Institution
serving up over 40 flavors of Home Made Ice Cream for 63 years,
their claim is that all contain a minimum of 16% butterfat.
One taste tends to confirm that claim.

Upon entering you are transported back in time to the 50's or 60's.
The wait staff wears retro uniforms with bobby sox..
The retro art deco booths, the music…  its all vintage.
I found myself looking for the Fonz over by the Jukebox.

Before digging into desert however we had saved room for lunch
so Kate had a 1/2 BLT & Cup of Soup.

Chicken Ala Queen Mary was Kates Soup.
"Large scoops of Chicken Ala King converted into the Queen of Soups"

I had a Reuben and fries.
While I won't try and compare it to the Carnegie Deli I do have to
say it was one of the tastiest Reubens that I've had outside of the NYC Metro.
The Marble Rye added the authentic touch.

We made short work of lunch in no time…  not a crumb remained.
 Soon we were ready for the Main Event.

With over 40 flavors to choose from and would't you know it
Kate & I ordered the same flavors.

We both had a scoop of Pecan Praline and a scoop of Vanilla.

Being the purest that I am - I had my straight up.

Kate had hers with Chocolate Syrup, nuts, whip cream and of course a cherry.

Kate always seems happiest when dessert arrives.

It was not long that both bowls were gone and Kates side of the table was
covered in Chocolate Sauce.

What can I say?   The Ice Cream was out of this world and especially
the Pecan Praline.   It was the best that I've ever had.
The fresh creamy consistency..  It melted in your mouth.

It was both a fun and delicious excursion.

If you ever find yourself lost in Phoenix and somewhere near the
5000 block of North 7th ave….
Stop in at Marys.

You'll be glad that you did.
And save room for lunch too.

And once again a tip of the hat to our ever faithful and totally dependable
Arizona Tour Guide Lindsay.
You never let us down.


  1. Oh man, you're killing me! Pecan praline is MY favorite, too!!!!! I just told Jim we gotta stop there, like tomorrow or the next day!!!! I zip outta here tomorrow early morning. Oh boy, oh boy, but I need new shocks on my suitcase due to all the added bead weight! Oh did I have fun shopping for her today!!!!! heheheheheh!

    And that secret code thing is much improved now that it's all numbers and not letters.

  2. Glad to know your Ice Cream Phoenix Fantasy has been fulfilled! Kate's happy face sums up your experience! So disappointed that you both chose Pecan Praline, however. I wanted to hear about Coconut or Chocolate-something or Cherry-something.

    It is very likely we will be in Phoenix pre- or post- Xmas 2014. Where will you be then? We could rendezvous at Mary Coyle's!! What a blast THAT would be!

  3. You're a better man than us. We skip lunch and go straight for the ice cream. Haven't been there in a few years.

  4. The fries look pretty damn awesome to me as well!

    Picked up several nice bottles of DR well aged Rum - but I could sure go for some Ice Cream about now.


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