Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fountain Hills

Back at McDowell Mountain Regional Park
just outside of Fountain Hills, Az.
(extreme NE Phoenix Metro)

A photo of our new home for the next 4 nights

Water & 50amp electric with a dump on the way out.
The town of Fountain Hills only 10 min away.
All the comforts.

The views are just wonderful, and our site is one of the best here.
We had the same site last winter…  I just love this place.

The view of our cocktail lounge…
A bit of afternoon shade.

Or full sun.

Tomorrow I'm sure that I will have some great sunrise photos for you as
last year we had the best from the whole trip right here.
In the very early morning this place can be magical.

Another interesting tidbit...

The Arizona License Plate

This inspiration for this plate was a view from right here.
The actual mountains on the plate…   right behind us.

Here is my recreation of the plate.

Maybe I need to try again tomorrow when the sun rises behind the mountains
to get the full effect but you should get the idea.

Right now the sun is blazing a beautiful sunset behind the mountains to our west.
So I just ran outside and grabbed a few shots.

As far as Arizona sunsets go this is garden variety but still is a treat to behold.

The weather… the views…   Just perfect.
It's a magical place!


  1. Holy Cow, as they say in Lancaster County PA.....this is beautiful! I cant imagine a larger vista. What a view. Great sunset Greg. Thanks for sharing that. Great job.

  2. So glad to know you are now in one of your very most favorite places!! (Love that license plate.)

    Happy New Year to the Kerlins and their girls!

  3. Cheers from monochromatic/frigid upstate NY. -5. windchill dropping to -17. Jealous?

  4. Nice plate! I guess they didn't have one that said "Doodles."
    Bob P

  5. Love your recreation of the plate! We are having cold 27 degree watcher here in Beaufort! Have fun :)


  6. I think you will end up in Arizona! Rose H


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