Friday, January 17, 2014

Quartzsite Rally - Mid Point

Its hard to believe that tomorrow we'll have already been here for a week.
Our quiet little piece of desert is now filled with RV's of all shapes & sizes.
Old and new friends have gathered from far and wide.

The circle was filled..
The ultralight flew by…
The aerial photos have been taken.

When we arrived we had a nice quiet spot with a good view of the desert.
As more rigs arrived our little corner became congested with
the noise of generators running late into the night so we decided to
pick up and move further into the suburbs.

The circles are ours and Rons rigs…
We moved across to the other side of the circle.
We now have a nice view again and no noise.

While the ultralight was circling overhead taking photos,
another Rally participant had this very cool remote controlled drone with
photographic capabilities.
It took this picture below.
You can see Kate in the middle - I'm right of her with the Doodles,
and our buds Jim & Kristi are immediately to the left of Kate.

The ultralights make low passes by our rigs

Last night at sunset a group of us meet for dinner next door at Ron & Maxines.
We roasted some veggies, cooked some steaks…
Polished off some wine..
and watched a glorious moon fill the sky.
The moon is so bright here at night…  it's delightful.
Each day the weather is a gift…
Each night a delight.
Such a beautiful place to gather.

Some nights the sunsets are a beautiful shade of yellow/orange

Other nights a reddish orange.

This morning as I walked Gracie I got to enjoy last nights moon
as it slowly descended into the Western Sky.

For some reason the Satellite Dish searching the sky for a signal and the
moon below it caught my eye.

I wished I'd caught it a few minutes earlier when it would have been up in the dish.

Today was the group potluck dinner.
This meant a huge assortment of great food.

After we ate we posed for a group photo.
I set the tripod up in the back of my truck, set the timer and then jumped off
and ran into the photo.

Later after the sun set a group of Luminaries 
(little hot air balloons with candles to light as well as provide lift)
took off and rose into the evening sky.

It was a beautiful sight.

Some folks light them in memory of dear ones lost.

A peaceful flight to all.


  1. The photos of the luminaries are cool. Now in Provo, TCI.

  2. Wowzer, Greg, ANOTHER magnificent post. You rock!!!! Amongst the rocks!

    oxoxo Kristi

  3. Awesome as usual! I love the luminaries, a beautiful end to a great night.


  4. THAT was a great post INDEED! To drone or not to drone, that is the question. What fun. Thanks for sharing.

  5. As always, the photo's are simply beautiful! Makes me wish I was there! T


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