Saturday, January 11, 2014

The gathering of snowbirds

We are finally back boon docking in the desert.
Our Montana Owners Group is hosting the annual
gathering in Quartzsite, Arizona.
You might remember we took part in this gathering last year.
About 70 RVs gathered in a big circle…
Happy hours…  Pot luck dinners…   Campfires…
But I get ahead of myself.

We left Lake Pleasant this morning -  not exactly at the first crow of the rooster mind you.
I was up to greet the sunrise.

Kate and the doodles were just a bit behind me.

Being Saturday, the campground was busier and early in the morning
so was the lake with a few sailboats cutting early morning wakes.

Taking the scenic two lane route (US 60) to Quartzsite rather than the Interstate...
The two lane is a much more scenic route even though a bit slower and more remote..

We are several days early for this gathering.
The actual rally does not begin till Tuesday.
This time we are in the "suburbs.  Rather than in the circle
we decided to park on the outside.

Currently we have the area to ourselves but soon it will fill up.
Our friends Ron & Maxine and Jim & Kristi are due to arrive tomorrow.

After an impromptu happy hour with pulled pork and a special barbecue sauce
(life is really tough out here)
The sun sets on another day.

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  1. What an enjoyable happy hour it was! Here's to many more.


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