Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Food Fires & Friendships

I've been a bit negligent in getting posts out.
Our last post was a week ago and we were still at the Montana
Circle in Quartzsite.

Since then we moved 80 miles south to Yuma where we spent 3 days in
an RV Park washing the dust off of our Doodles.

Then leaving the RV Park we headed 20 miles back north to the BLM area
by the Imperial Dam and are back boon docking in the desert.

We are here with 5 other rigs enjoying the warm days and cool  star-filled nights.

The last sunset at Quartzsite

Our new home in the California Desert
Our rig is the second from the right.

Another shot of our encampment.
In the foreground is our fire pit where we have our evening campfires.

During the day the ladies have been doing crafts of various sorts.
Me and the Doodles lock ourselves up in the RV and get to work.
The Doodles help me with my accounting.

As the shadows get longer and the day starts to get cooler I emerge from
the RV to partake in the nightly activities.
Each night we have had a group dinner/happy hour.
Here the gang is outside of our rig for dinner last night.

This morning we had a group breakfast.
Everyone brought a dish and it was a great feast to start the day.
Everyone struck up a Katie Pose for the group photo.

Tonight we had Hot Dogs at Stan & Marilyn's Rig, then
like most nights - we capped off the day with a campfire.
A neighbor of our plays the Dulcimer and we enjoyed listening to
him play while the stars put on their evening display.

Tomorrow some friends will start to drift off as our little circle once again
begins to dwindle.  Each headed to new adventures down the road.

We will remain here thru Saturday at which point we'll head back to Casa Grande
to do the Dog House Monty Shuffle and get ready for our journey eastward.
But first we'll have the watch the Broncos whip some Seahawk butt.


  1. Wish we could have been there, but had company of our own. Last year Dewayne and I played together. Looks like it was a good time. We are parked where you were last year.

  2. Oh my gosh! Kate you have short sleeves on and a tan! LOL RoseH

  3. I was wondering what happend! I missed reading the blogs! I love sitting by a fire like that. You guys missed a big snow here in Beaufort! No school for 3 days! We had a great time playing in it yesterday. This was David's 1st time seeing it! Miss you guys & see you soon!



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