Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lake Pleasant

We moved yesterday to Lake Pleasant Regional Park.
It was only an hour drive and we are now in the NW corner 
just outside of the Phoenix Metro.

You might remember that we were here in November when
we bought the Dog House.

Our site here is one of the nicest in the park and we have it till Saturday!
Our view of the lake is great!

Its a pull-thru site which we are not particularly fond of, but its on the
perimeter which we always prefer, and is lake-front.

I think that our move here might have been a day too soon…

While this is certainly a beautiful spot, the backdrop for the sunrise at 
McDowell Mountain is much more spectacular and finally this morning
we started to get those famous Arizona Sunrises that I'd been promising you.

As the sunrise progresses the light and colors change constantly.
Blink and you miss something.

It was funny - my office phone inside kept ringing so I'd run inside and take
a call - then back outside to a different view.

My office is 2hrs earlier than me so everyone is wide awake and
I hadn't had coffee yet.

Fortunately I am an early riser and wake up ready to go.

The morning sun colors everything it touches.  Including the Monty.
You can even see some color inside thru the back window.

Just to the left of middle in this photo below you can see the mountain with the 4 peaks…
This again are the mountains used on the Arizona License Plate.
We are now about 45 miles or so further away from it than we were
at McDowell Mountain Park.

The early morning sun casts its glow across the hills.

Meanwhile…  Lucy is off somewhere enjoying her privacy
Gracie is ever the Hunter.

My watch casts a reflection on the floor and Gracie chases it like a 
cat chases a laser dot…. pouncing on it only to have it disappear.

Once she sees it - she is on red alert constantly looking for 
it to re appear.

Wonder what she would do with it if she ever did catch it.


  1. Beautiful!!! I am sure you are saddened that you are missing this wonderful freeze on the east coast though. Kim

  2. Gorgeous! What a great view!


  3. Sunsets are beautiful. We woke up to 18* this morning. Jim said you would be laughing if you knew they delayed schools for the temperatures. No snow, apparently a little ice on some roads and bridges. Gotta love the South! Missing ya'll
    Donna & Jim

  4. If she caught the laser spot, she'd eat it and then fart lightning and catch the place on fire!
    xoxo Kristi

  5. Kate and her lightening farts is enough for one RV

  6. Beautiful sunrise photos as always. It is so clear out there and I think that helps yo make these beautiful scenes. Thanks for taking the time and effort to share.


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