Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Quartzsite Rally - The Circling of the Montanas.. Day 2

Its Weds and the "official" start of the Rally was yesterday
but other than the increase in the number of Rigs here it would
be pretty hard to say it didn't really start last weekend.

Today started out like most days…
After a couple of Expressos we saddled up the Doodles
and went for a nice walk with the gang.

One of the nice things about our walks is getting to enjoy the desert plant life.
In order to survive in these harsh conditions plants (and animals) must learn to
adapt or die.

A great example of that adaptation is the Palo Verde Tree.   
The Palo Verde Tree often is without leaves or has very small ones in order to conserve moisture.   
Normally however it is the leaves that produce the food for most trees thru photosynthesis.
The Palo Verde Tree has chlorophyll in its bark so that much of the food for
the tree is produced by the bark helping to conserve moisture within the plant.

Along the way Kate and Stan found an example of one of the desert inhabitants
that did not learn to adapt and paid the price.

After our walk it was into the office and work for me while Kate and the girls
went into town to see the growing amount of vendors gearing up for the
big RV (and junk) Show/Flea Market that starts in a couple of days.

As in previous years an RV Dealer brings a number of new Montanas
to the circle for all to see.  Throughout the day as I worked in the office I
could see more new 5th wheels showing up in the circle.

Then at 4:30 it was time for Pizza & Beer and some live music.

Hobo Bob of Duck Dynasty is here and Kate got to dance up a dust storm with him.

A couple of big guys watched the Katie and Hobo Bob Show

The days activities are posted on Johns Trailer…
Another packed day!

After Pizza hour I went to help complete an install of an electrical monitor
that I've been installing in one of the Rigs.
Its always nice when you put the fuse in and it turns on.
Was there ever any doubt?

Then the light of another day begins to dim

The campfire in the circle is lit once again

And another day in the circle…
Comes full circle.


  1. I really enjoy these blog posts and the way they read telling a story do well. What a fun day with friends and the desert landscape.

  2. That's a heck of an activity schedule. I'm not sure I could keep up. Go Kate - Shake that Booty!


  3. Great video, showing the scene and Kate-the-Dancing-Queen! Glad its warm this year and that the sun is shining of your Rally!


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