Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Well we survived another year.
We find ourselves back in Arizona for the third time in 12 months.
A lot of back and forth for sure.

We leave Catalina tomorrow and head 2hrs north to Fountain Hill.
McDowell Mountain Regional Park.
If you remember some of the awesome sunrise photos that I posted
last winter…  many of them were from McDowell.
I am looking forward to my early morning Cup O Joe and a sunrise.

The State Park here has been full over the Christmas Holiday.
It is a regular melting pot of people from all over.
I've seen the following License Plates:
North Carolina (me)
South Dakota
New Mexico
Plus from Canada
Brittish Columbia
and we've met a couple from the Netherlands.

Meanwhile I've been busy finishing up my sun screen project.
It hasn't taken that much time - I've just been picking at it each night after
I finish up work.

Here is a photo of a rig with a profe$$ional in$tallation.
Might be a couple of Thousand dollars or more.

And here is my $60 Install.

I might have a wrinkle here or there but for the price…
they do the same job.   Dramatic heat reduction inside!
I've attached them with velcro so they can be removed when we travel
or when we want some solar heating inside.

I still have a couple to do…  no hurry mon!

Meanwhile the Death Wobble…
I think it might be solved.

Six new tires later - I've taken the truck back across "Wobble Bridge" 3 times
(as my Buddy Ron Named it)
Prior to the fix 2 trips across the bridge induced the Wobble.
Now 3 times across the bridge and the truck is rock solid.

I'm not ready to say it is solved just yet but it looks positive thus far.

I went with a completely different type of tire..
One that is marketed for non-snow -highway and regional delivery trucks.

The original tires supplied by Ford where an off-road pattern.

Why they put those on a Dually is beyond me.
The rears wore great…  the fronts not so great.

The new tires are Commercial Truck 100% steel ply
Weigh 30% more per tire.  (61 vs 45lbs for a comparable size Michelin)
And are what is known as a Rib tread.
The rib is a good tread for dry and wet roads but not snow.

Lets hope that this puts an end to the Death Wobble discussion.

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Happppy New Year to you two, too!
    Boy, Greg, those new tires do look entirely differently than the old ones. Any difference in the ride?
    Pretty sedate New Years for us. Two parties and home by 11:20 to watch the fireworks on the Space Needle. Boy would I love to apprentice with those pyro guys. They do an awesome job!
    Sure feel like our departure is truly imminent now....7 days away for Jim and 9 for me.
    See you soon!!!! Kristi

  2. Nice job on the sunshades. I can't $ee and difference in the pro vs. your custom job. Great job. Let's hope that crazy death wobble is history. That looks too scary on the videos I have seen.
    Happy Doodle New Year to you all.

    Hay Ray

  3. The sunshades look awesome! Happy new year to you all & I look forward to some of those gorgeous sunset pics!


  4. Happy New Year - enjoy Southern Arizona.


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