Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tuscan Sightseeing

Yesterday we drove to a couple of other hill top towns in Tuscany. The picture shows a typical street looking back towards the entry portal where the iron fence would be dropped to block entry. Many of the old towns were built like forts on the tops of the mountains, the city surrounded by a wall, in order to defend them selves from the marauders. Each town is unique and absolutely beautiful. They also require a lot of walking up and down, and up and down since there is barely any flat ground to be found in most towns. In between towns we traveled small country roads and really got to see small town Toscana. We found some wine that we really like so we shipped home a case ½ Chianti, and ½ Montepulciano a smooth local red. We were sorry to say goodbye to Tuscany so soon but new adventures beckon and we are road warriors.

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