Wednesday, June 11, 2008

France - The final Frontier

Today we traveled 450 miles from Germany to Chartres France (our 6th and final country) and saw the Notre Dame Cathedral. Quite a place to say the least. Seems like there are several cathedrals with that name in France.

Tomorrow we head off down the Loire Valley to visit several of the chateaus then off to Brittany and Normandy.

It is getting confusing - all these different languages in such a short time. We just get used to saying please and thank you in one language and all of a sudden it's time for another.

We've decided to sulk today and not post any pictures since we are not getting very many emails or posted comments.

If you want more pictures then send out a shout our way to say hello.

We miss hearing from everyone.

And yes it has been 6 countries (not counting the US) see if you can figure them out.

The first winner gets a prize brought back for them.


  1. Hey what's going on!!!

    I may not talk much (okay maybe to much sometimes) but I sure do look forward to this Blog everyday.
    I'm enjoying the tour very much.
    I hope you're both feeling better.

  2. Hey Greg and Kate!! I've always wanted to visit France. Send PICTURES!!! (That's me shouting!) Hope you are getting over your colds (or is it allergies to mold?). Also, I hope Kate is feeling better after her fall. You will have to ask Bob about his black eye (and no, it wasn't me!!!!). Melissa saw it...We miss you guys!! I don't get on the computer every day, but each time I do I've checked your blog out. It's great!!!! Keep up the great fun and chronicles!
    Margie :o)

  3. Italy

    I want chocolate.


  4. OK Greg and Katie today was the first day I could blog - soooo busy doing your job Greg I don't have time for this blogging stuff. but I heard you were pouting so here I am. I can't believe no one told me about the black eye. Are you sure it wasn't all the DinkerLager? Miss you guys so much but it sure looks nice in Europe.
    Luv ya, Jen and Lee

  5. OK.I'll post more but you guys might get tired of hearing from me again and again. :-) As far as the prize goes.... I'm gonna say ditto to Karen's post 'cause she's a lot smarter than me about that stuff. :-) And she keeps talking about some chocolate she had over there so I hope you are bringing some back for her. :0 All right, I could ramble on for days but instead I'll just say HAVE FUN!


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