Saturday, June 7, 2008

Into the Clouds

On Thursday we drove about 4hrs from Lk Como Italy to Steckelberg Switzerland. We then hopped 2 trams (cable cars) and went up another 3000 feet or so to the car free town of Murren Switzerland.
(pictures are of the car-free main street in Murren and from the tram on the way up - its a long way down)
Our plan was to do some mountain biking amoung some of the best scenery found on earth. The problem was that it has been raining for days and most of the time we spent in the clouds, in the rain, so biking was out.

On Friday we instead took the tram back down into the valley and did some sight seeing at lower altitude before heading back up to our quiet car free mountainside village for our evening respite.

On brief occasions we caught glimpses of the higher peaks that surrounded us but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate so we kind of missed out a bunch on the scenery. We did get to see an awful lot - and so many beautuful shades of green that we did not know existed on this planet. From our hotel balcony we should have been looking directly at the highest peaks in the swiss alps, but instead we were looking at fog.

Oh well, the cheese is excellent as the cows are very contented eating the green green grass. They all have these cow bells around thier necks which kind of make their own music in the mountains. Gemutlichkeit.

The Swiss people are among the friendliest that we have met and I have been getting to use my German so its been alot of fun and very helpful too.

Today (Saturday) we drove to Garmisch Partenkirchen Germany (went thru Lichtenstein & Austria). Tomorow we stay here and Eat Bratwurst and drink big big steins of Beer.

Aufwiedersehn mein freunds.

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