Friday, June 13, 2008

Enough Culture - I want a burger

We are now in the pretty coastal town of Dinard in Brittany France. The view is from our hotel room.

We are going to stay here tonight and tomorrow night and just enjoy the luxury. No cultural venues planned other than perhaps some of the American type (a burger and a beer).

On Sunday we will leave and drive about an hour to Normandy for 2 nights and do all of the D-Day invasion sights.

So far our GPS says we have put over 2,700 miles on the rental car. It will be nice to shut down the European Tour Service for a day or so and just relax.

See you at Omaha Beach.


  1. Just want to say have a wonderful weekend. Last one away from the USA. I hope next week you find a wonderful place (not that the all haven't been wonderful-they sure are) to get time to just relax for awhile.
    Enjoy the weekend!!

  2. Just got caught up Again!! Sounds like I missed out on quit the prize- but you know what they say- you can't win if you don't play! Hope Bill is getting prepared for whatever it is! Sounds like you've covered a lot of ground- you definetely deserve a breather- and what better place than Bacchante..
    Enjoy the burger and beer!

  3. I meant quite the prize- although I'm sure you figured it out- it's been a LONG WEEK!

  4. Kids:
    I feel as if you guys have been gone forever. I miss you both very much. I imagine Normandy will be very moving. Admiral, glad you were able to find a device on the tourist trail suitable for wife discipline. Perhaps you can have it shipped to the states? I sure wish I were there with you. Looking forward to you coming home.
    Love, Paul

  5. Burger and a Beer!! Look around folks you're in France. Get a Crepe something or other, a loaf of bread and some wine. Have really enjoyed the travel log and am looking forward to hearing about the trip. Maybe a slide show with narration and adult beverages at a drive-in night.

    Keep having as much fun as you can get away with.

    Bob P

  6. Hope you have enjoyed a restful weekend and are feeling peppy again. Enjoy your visit to Normandy. And in case I can't catch up with you before then, have a good trip home. We miss you!

    Love, Margie

  7. Keep those pictures coming! I might just be almost as sorry to see your vacation come to an end as you are. Well, not really ;-) but I do enjoy the stories and the photos! T

  8. Okay, I know I'm pathetic. I finally figure out how to leave a comment near the end of your trip! Sorry to hear Mont St. Michel was so crowded, but it still looks breathtaking from the picture. I'm immersed in Vacation Bible School this week leading Squeaky Beaker's Preschool games. Not quite Normandy but we're having a lot of action and excitement! Can't wait to have you back and celebrate July 4th with you.


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