Friday, June 13, 2008

Angers France

Last night we stayed in Angers France, a mid size city in Western France which seems to be just a wee bit off of the well worn tourist trails. That factor alone made it a pleasant stay, yet it is a very nice city in its own right. It was our first time where the language barrier could not be breached at dinner time so that added to the adventure. The bottom line is that when our meal did arrive it was nothing at all like we expected, but delicious none the less.

After dinner we walked the town – a great park with a beautiful fountain was a block away from our hotel and we then walked some of the side streets and helped a nice old woman get her dog back. At this time of year – in this part of the world – it does not get dark till around 11pm. Its pretty weird but nice. The sun does not set till around 10pm or so.

This morning as we left town we stopped and visited the Chateau d’ Angers an interesting Chateau within a walled fortification which dates back to the 9th Century. Inside the Chateau are the Apocalypse Tapestries which consist of about 77 woven tapestries dated from 1375 which stretch over 328 feet in total. That’s a lot of sewing.

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