Thursday, June 12, 2008

A house fit for a King (and mistress)

Today (Thursday) we traveled from Chartres thru the Loire valley and visited a couple of pretty nice houses. The top one was King Francois digs. It would have required a small army just to keep the 400+ fireplaces going none the less vacume the place.

The second was King Henry’s mistress’s place. (pretty nice house just for sleeping with the king)

Problem was when Henry kicked the bucket his wife threw the mistress out and kept the place for herself.

Jen, with some substantial gutting and renovation you might even like one of these homes.

Tomorrow we head for Brittany. A little town called Dinard right on the English Channel to get some salt water into our system. We will stay there 2 nights and then just travel a short distance and stay in Normandy for 2 nights. This is the relaxing portion of our journeys. We will do day trips from both places to see all the local sights. More on that later.

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