Tuesday, June 17, 2008


On Sunday June 15 we traveled to Normandy. We have been without internet access till tonight so I will try to do some catching up.

First Normandy.

A visit to the American Cemetery is an incredibly moving experience. An endless sea of perfectly manicured graves – almost 10,000 in all tell the story of so many lives cut short. So many sons who would never come home to finish out their lives. Or fathers who would never see their kids grow up. It’s too sad to even write about.

We visited many historic sites related to the D Day invasion, saw well preserved gun emplacements, artificial harbors, and a country side filled with people who still remember the sacrifices made here.

Normandy is an incredibly beautiful, and peaceful area. All thru Europe the one thing that has struck us over and over is the beautiful fragrances. The smell of jasmine, roses, and countless other flowers seems to fill the air everywhere we have been and Normandy has been no different.
The weather has been fantastic – a comfortable high 60’s – low 70’s with a cool breeze blowing at night. A truly beautiful place – it’s impossible for me to imagine the horror that took place here 64 years and 9 days ago.

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