Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lake Como

Today we drove about 5 hours north and are now in the town of Bellagio on Lake Como Italy, just a stones throw from the Swiss border which we will cross tomorrow. The picture is from our hotel balcony.

Kate says George Clooney has a place around here somewhere so she is keeping her eyes peeled. The road in here was 20 very winding miles - at times not even wide enough for 2 cars to pass at the same time. We still have the paint on the sides and both mirrors so I think I did ok. Our Garmin did tell us the hotel was somewhere else than where it really is but once we were on a dirt road, with Pigs and Chickens running around I had the sense that perhaps we had to resort to the old fashioned way and “wing it” which is what we did and found this beautiful hotel. The weather is cloudy with just a faint glimpse of sun now and then and supposed to remain iffy for a couple of days.

Tomorrow we have a 4hr drive into Switzerland, then a cable car ride up out of the valley to the town of Murren which has no cars. We will stay there for 2 nights – leaving Sat morning.. If the weather is nice hopefully we will get to bike down into the valley. Kate has a cold going right now so we will play things by ear. We can always just hang out on the balcony and enjoy the Alps, and the quiet mountain air. I’m not sure if we have internet access there so the next blog might not be till Sat or Sunday.


  1. Hey Folks,
    We both are truly enjoying your travel journal. Seems that you are having more fun than is legal (with your clothes on). Greg, I really want to see some pictures of the beer maids in Germany carrying multiple steins of beer - to your table.

    Keep up the good work.
    Bob & Margie

  2. Hi guys!!! I was so excited to hear you voice on my voice mail Greg, but disappointed that I missed your call. :-( So glad you guys are having such a good time! It's so exciting to hear the stories.
    Keep up the posting! We all miss you guys so make sure you don't get so involved you decide never to come back!
    Theresa :-)

  3. Hi:

    I am thoroughly enjoying your travel blog. It sure seems like the trip of a life time. Sorry I missed your call yesterday. I have been thinking about you both and the more I see and read of your travels, the more I wish I were with you.


  4. Greg,
    Just wanted to make you feel a little safer concerning your wine delivery. Mac and I are gonna work out a schedule to check for its delivery. Don't worry about a thing - the gypsies are in the palace.



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