Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rothenburg ob der Tauber Tuesday 6/10/08

Originally we were only going to stay one night but now I have caught Kates cold (Kate is almost better) so I’m going to give it a days rest before we leave Germany behind and drive the 7 hours to Chartres France tomorrow (Weds).

Both us are convinced that since we are usually healthy people, and that we don’t normally catch each others colds – that we must be picking up some ancient cold germs that inhabit all of the centuries old moldy old cathedrals that we have been visiting the past week and a half. With our sneezing we are probably leaving a path of illness in our wake.

This morning Kate also fell in the bathtub and hit her head on the rim and gave herself a good lump. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a black eye or I’m gonna look like a wife beater. Talk about the walking wounded us two. In spite of it we are still having a great time and running around at 90%.

Rothenburg is another amazing place which we have thoroughly enjoyed visiting. Last night we walked outside of the city walls and went to a little family owned place away from the touristy places for another fantastic dinner. Wurst, Kraut, and Dunkle Bier for me. Kate and I agree that our favorite for food so far has been Germany hands down.

See you in France.

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  1. Wow! What amazing stories! You guys should write a book! The pictures are awesome and I'm really glad you're having such a good time. I was not jealous at first but now I'm starting to get a little envious but still happy you guys are having a trip of a lifetime! :-) Theresa


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