Sunday, June 8, 2008

Garmish Partenkirchen

Ah Bavaria... Gut Bier, Gut Brot, und Gut Kase.

This is another great town. Today we walked Partenkirchen, a quaint town with painted buildings. Soon we are going to walk back there for Abendessen. (dinner)

This afternoon we took the cog train and tram to the top of Zugspitzer the highest mountain in Germany. Unfortunately the weather has been our nemisis the past few days and although it was not terrible, about 3/4 of the way up we were back in the clouds. The view would have been stupendous but we just had to settle for great.

Funny thing was 10 min after we took the tram back down in the rain - it cleared up and now all the mountains are visible from town and the view from the top would have been all that it should have. Oh well - we still had a great day and now are off to the beirgarten.

Tomorrow we are off to Neuschwanstein Castle (Walt Disney patterned his castle off of this one) then north to Rottenburg ob der Tauber a medival city about 180 miles north of here. I reserved us what should be an awsome castle like room for tommorow night.

By the way - the breakfasts have all been unbelievable. And the coffee is fantastic. Before we get home we are ordering some new coffee making equipment so that we can drink it euro style.

Deannie - your gonna love it.

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  1. Hey there,

    Pictures are fantastic...and good to see both of you in em!

    I remember doing something very similar...your shortcut that was a dead end..wonder if it was the same road. You come to a few shacks by the side of the road..and then the road.. just ..stops.

    I also recall having a pot of the most amazing hot chocolate at a place by Neuchwinstein. So how is the chocolate there anyway?



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