Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Night - Another Air Drop

Tonight just after dusk I heard that drone again.....
4 Big Turboprops beating the air into submission....

Outside with Binoculars and camera in hand and overhead 
I see the big boy pass by with the rear exit door open and ready for action.

See that open door under the tail area?

After a pass to line up...

Out comes equipment first - then the men.

The one below you can see someone exiting and the chute has not opened yet.

They are all out

floating down

Mission accomplished - the big bird heads for home.

Another night - another show.
All a part of life out here in the Boon-docks.


  1. Enjoyed both of your air show posts! Glad you are feeling better!

  2. Are you sure you're in Arizona? Looks more like Afghanistan? Have you noticed any folks running around with Pakols on? Any explosions? Prayer calls??

    Perhaps were not in Arizona anymore Dorothy!

    Off to do a Rainforest tour - sure hope it doesn't rain....

  3. Hummm... good point Bobby. Perhaps that is why all the sheep around here seem to be smiling.

    "I sure hope it doesn't rain" Ha! Good One.


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