Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back to Tucson

My TriStar meter shows 435w - 31.2 amps of free sun power
going into the batteries

A change in plans saw us heading back to Tucson rather
than heading to San Diego as was planned.

We left the Imperial LTVA on Saturday morning
saying goodbye to John, hitching up the wagon, and
hitting the dusty trail.

Driving out of the LTVA takes you thru the US Army - Yuma Proving Grounds
and just inside the access road off of US 95 is a small exhibit of some tanks
and other weapons systems.

While Kate yacked on the phone I took a quick 10 minute stroll among
the equipment.

We were camped for the last 10 days in the background of this photo up
near the base of the mountains in the distance.

About 40 miles north of Tucson on I10 is the
Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch.
Not one to pass up a chance to add another roadside attraction
to our "been there done that" list, and thanks to Lindsay our
ever faithful Arizona tour guide, we made
a quick side detour on our days journey.

First we fed the critter....  um Kate that is

We picked up some Ostrich Feather dusters...
Always a necessary item here in the desert.

Snapped a quick self portrait...

And quicker than you can say
Tickle me with an Ostrich Feather... 
we were back gear-jamming our way down the interstate.

Soon we arrived at our newest home
The Lazy Days RV Park in Tucson to hook up with Jim & Kristy.

The park is just south of Downtown and has all sorts of citrus trees
so Kate and I have picked some Lemons, Grapefruit, and Oranges.

Tonight Jim & Krissy came over to our house for an Oscars Smoked Ham and
Scalloped Potatoes...  Krissy brought some awesome green-beans with onions 
and bacon...  (anything goes better with bacon) and
several bottles of wine later and some Oldies but goodies on the iPad
it was time to retire for the night.

Krissy gets down with Lucy & Gracie

Fortunately Krissy caught Lucy with Bryce - our pet Prairie Dog
that we've had since Bryce Canyon last summer.
If we hadn't separated Lucy from her when we did who knows
what might have happened to our little Bryce.

We'll hang here for a couple of days and enjoy the easy life before we head
back into the desert to the Gilbert Ray Campground just west of Tucson
where we will spend a week in a Saguaro Forest.

I'm really looking forward to Gilbert Ray.

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