Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A temporary roadblock

Last night we had another great Arizona sunset.

Do you ever get tired of them?

It was reflected on the rear window of the coach

It turned out to be our Gilbert Ray farewell...

With the winter storm moving thru the area, heading up
to Roosevelt Lake today was out of the question.
It was my hope that the good folks at Gilbert Ray County Park
would let us stay a day or two beyond the 7 day limit but
that was not to be... you know how government can be....
  so rain, cold, snow and all - we had to pack up.

So we headed back to Lazy Days RV Park - the same park we were in a week
ago when we arrived from Imperial Dam.

Its a good place to hunker down and wait for the weather to pass.

Just as we arrived - around noon time - the snow started in earnest.

At Tucsons elevation it is not a problem but for us to reach Roosevelt Lake,
we had to travel extensively around the 4-5,000' level where the snow is much
more serious.

Ripe Oranges on the tree make for strange bedfellows
with the snow.

Tonights dinner was another bittersweet affair.
Tomorrow is a final parting of the ways.
Jim & Kristi head south west to Mexico.
And in a day or two - we head Northeast to Roosevelt.
We've been traveling together since Quartzsite - a good 5 weeks or so
Tonight we had some of Jims Killer Chili and Cornbread.

The problem with this meal is it's quite fattening.
This is the results after we ate it.

With our buddies departure Kate is loseing her Artistic Mentor.
Kates had 5 weeks of non-stop arts and crafts.

Here is one of the gourds that she made.

Needless to say - the basement of the RV is filled with dozens of Gourds
awaiting the skilled touch of Kate on some future project.

For now it's hunker down time.
I'm thinking we might stay here till Saturday morning so that we can
make the 3hr drive up to Roosevelt on a weekend.

Its a large National forest campground - we'll be off grid again living off of
our solar panels but the campground has hot showers so that we can extend our time
before needing to dump our tanks.
I expect that we should have the place just about to ourselves, but 
it remains to be seen.

Verizon map shows that we should have good WIFI signal...

Our next adventure starts in a couple of days!


  1. I was wondering how you guys were with this weather! I could be mistaken, but I do not think you will be alone at Roosevelt Lake. It is a pretty popular place! Greg, if you get a chance check the Casa Grand Ruins Nat'l (?) Park before you go to Roosevelt. There is also a similar Park up there. CG Ruins might be a day trip from your current location.

  2. Glad you are still having fun, despite the snowy weather! Your photos after eating the chili and cornbread are toooo funny!

  3. Must have been some really potent mushrooms in that chili or perhaps some sort of spore in the cornbread.

    We had chili pork stew and cornbread last night but none of the side effects that you display!

  4. Lol. Fun post. Love the after dinner photo's. Yikes! And Kate did such a good job on the goards! I love them! Sounds like a fun project! And I don't feel one bit sorry that you are getting all that snow - I'm just glad we aren't getting it here! T


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