Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tucson just got quieter

Today our buds Jim and Kristi flew the coop...
They are Mexico Bound....
Sandy beaches, Palm Trees & the Pacific.

After a farewell dinner and a cold snowy night,
we awoke to a white mantle of snow on the nearby mountains.

As the sun rose higher and the day started to warm up,
Jim and Kristi began packing up the wagon, hitching up the
mules and soon it was time for good byes.

Kate posed with Kristi wearing the earnings that Kate made from
Stone purchased at the Gem show.
This was just one more thing that Kristi taught Kate during our
5+ weeks of traveling together.

Soon the space next to us was empty and just like that...
we were once again solo travelers.

Today we extended our stay here till Sunday.
Kate and I both are nursing colds and I'm really not up to
traveling and all the associated stuff required, so its time just to lay low 
and recuperate for a while.
Kate made a big pot of Chicken Soup today so we had that for dinner.
If that doesn't fix us up...  nothing will!

Just as I sit here writing the nights blog, and the sun is setting in the
Western sky - a big Class A Motorhome pulled into the space next to us.   

It was like they were putting the exclamation point on 
The Parting of the Ways...


  1. Thanks Mel,

    We are a couple of hurting turkeys right now.

    We'll shake it though... hopefully soon.

  2. Chicken soup - just what the doctor ordered!! Hope you both feel better very soon.


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