Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Army Arrives

If there was any question that Spring is on the way,
the first tiny blooms are starting to appear on the
Sonoran Desert Floor.

This morning when I went outside, the "backyard" was speckled
with these little gems.

Around 1230 local I noticed that my Solar Output had peaked for the
day.  As the sun gets higher I continue to get new record high output.
Today we hit 475W and 30 amps going into the batteries.
Total harvest today was 207 amp hrs.

Around 2 we had to head to the ranger station as I had some work related
correspondence to put in the mail.

Crossing the Roosevelt Bridge.

Looking back at the bridge.

The dam is just out of sight to the right.
I'll get a picture of that in a day or two from a better vantage point.

Looking up the lake.

Around dinner time tonight I heard the unmistakeable drone of 4 big turboprop
engines running overhead.  Of course I had to investigate and saw this C130
flying low.   His behavior led me to believe that something was up, so I stayed
out longer while my dinner got cold...

Sure enough, a while later he passed by low, and all of a sudden...

Notice the difference in the color of the sky and you can see how long I
was watching this guy...  The sun had dipped below the mountains.

Safe landing boys!

Across the lake the sun had painted the mountains a fiery red.

That concluded another day.
Soon the big ol moon will rise...  oh that's another show!

Thanks to all the well wishers..  Kate and I are feeling a bit better
each day.   Tonight I could kinda sorta even taste dinner so that is progress.

If we had gone to Mexico with Jim & Kristi we could have gotten some
Z-Pack like they did and perhaps kick this thing faster...  but alas, here
in the states you have to spend a fortune and see a doctor to get some
simple medications so its tough it out a bit longer.


  1. Great Post Greg, your photos are always so interesting and creative. I know how long you watched that C130, as the sky changed! Don't you love this full moon right now?
    Hayden in Long Isl Bahamas...

  2. Eat some more chicken soup! But you must be getting better because your taking pictures and updating the blog again.

    Prince Rupert Bay, Dominica

  3. Glad you are feeling good enough to take more awesome photos! Hope Kate is better too. Margie :o) in Deerfield Shores, Beaufort, NC

  4. Hey Greg & Kate! Well, I actually ended up getting a proverbial "shot in the butt" 2 days ago and THAT really had made a huge difference in me! Jim, on the other hand, like you, is toughing it out and still coughing. Dam, THAT was some bug! We would love you two to be here on The Wall with us. Food is great, view is great, weather is mixed w/ wind & calm.... lots and lots of dogs playing on the beach - the doodles would be in Heaven! Kisses to all, xoxoxo Kristi.

  5. Well next I think I'll whip up a big ole batch of Doodle Soup... That ought to cure what ails ya!

    But don't tell Kate I said that.


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