Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Windy Hill - Lake Roosevelt

Well I finally dragged my sick old butt off the couch..
packed up camp...
stuffed myself behind the wheel...
and put in 3 hrs of road time.

We've relocated to the Windy Hill Campground in Tonto National Forest
located on Lake Roosevelt.

In the view below you can make out the lake off in the distance behind the
picnic ramada.  You can see the back of our camper just right of center.

The windy hill campground is large but almost empty so we have
lots of peace and quiet.  There are no services so we are back to boon docking
and living off the grid but that's just fine with us.
The lack of services keeps the hordes away.

Our new home - tucked away in the mesquite bush.

Due to the winter rains the desert has sprung grass!
The Doodles are excited...  they have grass to walk on!

The campground has several shower buildings.
All the buildings are solar powered.
We'll take advantage of the showers while here which will allow
us to extend the range of our fresh water and holding tanks.

Nearby are the Tonto National Monument, Roosevelt Dam, and
the Apache Trail, so stay tuned for more good stuff in the upcoming blogs.

We arrived here today about 1530 local time and haven't done much exploring.
Since I'm still feeling kind of weak and uninspired at the moment, 
this was just meant as a quick update as to our whereabouts so
I'll leave tonights blog at that.
nighty night all.


  1. Glade to here you are feeling better. It is cold and nasty here.

  2. Glad to know you two are in such a beautiful place! Hope you feel better soon, so you can show us Tonto, Roosevelt Dam, the Trail and more!

  3. You two are NEVER sick! So glad you're on the mend- you need a good nurse to take care of you! (wish I could just pop out and be there!) Take a nice hot, steamy shower (courtesy of our sun) and REST!! Love you!!


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