Monday, February 4, 2013

Lord of the Gourd... or... The Imperial Dam Dancers

It's been a busy couple of days...
For me - most of the weekend I've been locked up getting my budgets
done.   Its that time of year....

I have to say that working on spreadsheets and budgets is extra fun when you're
doing it in the middle of nowhere...   
go figure.

Our walk on Saturday morning took us back up to the foothills of the
nearby mountains in search of Burros.
No burros but we did discover a hidden airfield.

Like I said earlier...  here in the LTVA it is like a small city.
Everything one would want or expect can be found here.
You want a library (book exchange)?   Got you covered.
Aerobics?  No Problem.

Model Airplane airport and other enthusiasts to share your hobby with?
No Problem.
It's all here and at the other hundreds of locations where folks gather
throughout the great American Southwest at this time of year.

Along our walk we went thru one of the many washes scattered about.
In those washes the desert springs to life.

Once back at camp - the ladies have been busy with arts & crafts.
Under the expert tutelage of Kristy - who is an accomplished artist - the
ladies have been busy creating a vast array of artifacts.

During the day the sound of Dremmels, Saws, Glass Cutters..
The generator powering soldering irons, riveters...
Its been an estrogen powered Santas Workshop!

The items created is the subject of another post, but for now
let me say that they've come up with some really nice items.

During the day I noticed the ladies gathered in close proximity and
at times whispering...   I knew something was up....

After dinner Sunday night - when night had drawn its shade over the
camp and the men were settled about smoking cigars and bragging about
our exploits...  our quiet reflection was broken by the
Robert Palmer Girls...
The Yuma Gourd Dancers..

Think of the Robert Palmer song Simply Irresistible and you get the idea.

The ladies had made John a present for all of the Martinis (known in camp as Johntinis)
 that he had been making for them.

A rock decorated with Colored Glass that read:  Johntinis.

Just another crazy night in the desert.


  1. John looks like He is having a good time, love the Gords, Ron

  2. Gourdy Gourdy Gourdy oh my my Lordy....this camp is getting OUT OF CONTROL. It maybe time to send in the Government! These desert girls are having toooooo much fun. Great times Greg and Kate.

  3. Looks to me like you folks are doing some mushrooms (magic kind) or some of the wild gnaja out there!

  4. Some things just never change...:)

  5. LOL

    Some good laughs from all of you first thing in the morning.

    Bobby - You're right... maybe there was something in Kates Pasta that night. (yes everyone got to try the meatballs, sausage, and pork spaghetti sauce)

  6. I think the girls should start wearing hats when out in the sun. They are starting to show the side effects of a burnt brain.


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