Friday, February 15, 2013

Techno Hell & Another day in Paradise

It's amazing how beautiful the sunrises and sunsets are here in Arizona.
Each day I get up early, grab my coffee and watch as the days light develops.
Slowly the morning unfolds.
Some days are diamonds....
Some days are gold.
From minute to minute the scene changes.
If you look now and then forget about it...
you might miss the best part.
It changes constantly.
Wait and watch....  give it time.
Don't think you've seen it all.
If you do you're gonna miss a bunch.
Not happy with todays colors???
Just wait a minute.

Sunsets are the same.

My computer has been acting up lately.
Yesterday it passed away

So today was spend in red alert trying to get a new machine
so that I can get my office up and running as soon as possible.

Hours were spent visiting a Mac Repair Shop, and finally
the Apple Store in Tucson.

The initial prognosis is that my data might be recoverable...
Tomorrow we will see.

I have a back up drive that I use religiously at home and forgot to
bring it this trip.  If I had that - it would be no big deal.

So tonight I'm blogging from Kates computer.

Same fiery red sunsets off the Tucson Mountains..

but just seem different describing them from this machine.

We enjoyed our Friday night cocktail hour with Jim and Kristy
in our site just before the sun went down.

Then as the sun went down on another beautiful Southwestern day
it said goodbye with another fantastic light show.

Each night as I lay in bed I hear the coyotes howling in the distance.
Sometimes they are close by.
Its wild and wonderful.


  1. Hope you can recover the data. You could also borrow the machine that the Dood was using!

  2. Do the Doods howl along with the other Dudes at night?

  3. Good call Bobby but unfortunately that was the machine that died.

    Then again who knows where she was surfing... Perhaps she was on a nude doggy site and picked up a virus.

    Bob - no they don't bark or howl at the real thing. Only the ones on TV. Plus at night it would cut into their all important sleep time.... Gotta get their daily 23 hours you know.


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