Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gilbert Ray Campground - Tucson Mountain Park

Today we saddled up the horses and made the exhausting
13 mile drive west to Gilbert Ray Campground in
the Tucson Mountain Park.

Although only a scant 13 miles - it is light years in contrast to
 the RV Park we left behind.

Situated next to Saguaro National Park in one of the most
magnificent Saguaro forests in the world, it is 20,000 acres
in size and is one of the largest preserves owned and managed
by a local government.

Tucson is just on the other side of the mountains below.
 (The Tucson Mountains)

The first thing that we noticed was the quiet.
A peaceful Oasis just outside of the Tucson Metro

The next thing we noticed was the desert landscaping in the campground.
A great deal of time and effort must have been spent putting so many
indigenous plants throughout....
Then you realize that the desert beyond the campground is identical...
This is natures landscaping and its beautiful!

Our view out the back window

I rehung the Hummingbird feeder and within minutes we had
a colorful visitor.

While I worked inside Kate found a warm sunny spot to curl
up with a good book.

Later it was off thru the wilderness to the other side of the campground
loop for dinner at Jim and Kristys house.

Not wanting to drag my camera over to dinner,
I took Kates camera and got a few shots of the setting sun.
Tonights show promises that we are going to have a fantastic week
with plenty of great photo opportunities.
Tomorrow I'll break out the DSLR.

Just like our stay at Catalina State Park over Christmas,
the setting sun sets the mountains to the east ablaze.

Linds...  I know that you recognize those colors.

After dinner, the 4 of us took a stroll thru the campground in the dark
and enjoyed the peace and quiet under a star-filled sky that was
punctuated with a waxing crescent moon.

Now back at our house we hear the coyotes howling in the distance.

We will be here in Gilbert Ray for the next week.

Life is good.

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  1. I keep learning about more great campgrounds in my home state of AZ since following your blog the last month or so.

    I have been to where you are at now but it was many years ago when attending the U of A. I think back then, it would be considered a picnic area by today's standards. That was well before 38 foot RVs!

    If you are planning a trip into Tucson via Gates Pass (definitely without the Montana!), consider a short side trip a couple of miles north to the Sweetwater Wetlands Park. It is a water reclaim area that has been set up to also serve as a bird refuge. It is not very large, but they did an excellent job. You should see various ducks, geese, other water birds, hawks, and smaller birds including Gambel Quail. You may also spot that elusive Road Runner. Don't forget to take binoculars and a camera.

    It is along the west side of I-10 north of Prince. You may have to exit at Ruthrauff and double back due to construction.

    32 degrees, 16.783 minutes N
    111 degress, 01.290 minutes W

    Also, I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet you, Kate and the Doods a just before you left the Montana Circle in Quartzsite.

    Thanks for posting,

    Bruce H.


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