Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Apache Trail

Today we took a short ride on a part the Apache Trail.
The Old Stagecoach route thru the Superstition Mountains.

The AT is a 50 mile long road  (over half of it narrow dirt) that connects Roosevelt
lake with the greater Phoenix area.

There are basically 3 routes to get here from Phoenix.  Two of them
are about 80 miles and paved.   The Apache Trail is much shorter,
but a narrow dirt road that runs thru rugged desert terrain with numerous
inclines, switchbacks, and steep drop offs.

Heading West - It begins by the Roosevelt Dam.

We drive past the dam and the road immediately turns to dirt.

See the road snaking off into the distance?

We only drove about 6 miles down the road today...
I'm hoping to do more without the dogs as the washboard and the shaking
of the truck scares them, plus today the sky was cloudy so it was not
a good day for photography anyway so why endure the washboard.

Turning around the dropoff is now on the other side of the road.

Arriving back at the Dam - the bridge beyond.

This was only a tiny fraction of the Trail and not even the most
interesting.   Hopefully we'll have more to share later this week
when the photographic conditions are more favorable.

Yesterday morning...
The sun first dusts the highest peaks to the West.

Slowly it settles down lower on the mountains...
(this is our backyard)

Till if finally bathes the house in a golden glow which floods inside.
(Kates alarm clock)

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  1. Love the photo of the Roosevelt Dam reflecting in the water!


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