Monday, March 18, 2013

Matagorda Bay Nature Park

We are now on the Texas Gulf Coast at
The Matagorda Bay Nature Park.
It is an off the beaten trail park located about 50 miles south of Houston taking
a good 2+ hours on 2-lane Farm Roads to get here.

We decided to come here on the recommendation of fellow
MOCers  (Montana Owners Club) Wayne & Carolyn who were camp hosts over the winter.

With full hookups and yet 20' from the water its about as convenient as
one can get.

Of course we are back in prime sunset territory.

Last nights light show.

And tonight as we took the Doodles for a short walk to the beach.

The park was full when we arrived from San Antonio on Saturday
but Sunday marked the end of Spring Break here in Texas
so now there are only a few rigs here and it is quite peaceful.

We were scheduled to be here thru Saturday but a scheduling conflict down
the road at Hilton Head is going to make us leave 1 day early.

I'm contemplating taking a day trip to see the "Painted Churches".

While here it is a must see in my book but it would mean a good 5-6hrs
of driving to visit them as they are about 2 1/2 hrs away so we'll play it by ear.

Its funny but all this sitting in one spot this winter has make me very lazy towards
spending too much time driving each day.  Normally we could do 8hrs a day and not
even think about it....  Now I don't want to do more than 4.


  1. Looks like a great spot! What the heck is the RED TRIANGLE on a POLE in the water behind Kate? Have not seen one of those in months. Your sunsets are always beautiful. Great job Road Warrior! :-)

  2. Really pretty sunset pictures today...although they are always so pretty.... T

  3. Yes, that driving a total of 4 hours or less a day, is a pleasant acquired habit! This is a part of the journey, not the destination! Looks like we need to put this site on our bucket list? Of course, awesome sunsets! God has an awesome palette of colors!


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