Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dinner in Matagorda

Kate & I went out for dinner tonight with our new friends
Carolyn & Wayne who are also staying here in the Park.

I think that Kate and I have been out to dinner
a wee bit too much on this trip.

Tomorrow we hitch the wagon back up and continue our Eastward Migration
about 4 hours North East of here to one last campsite in Texas.


  1. Oink....Oink...LOVE those "modified" face photos, how freakin funnnnnnny.

  2. Oh ma, after dinner lets go down to the mall and have some desert!

  3. I remember those pictures!!!!! We're going in opposite directions, and that doesn't feel good....but I told Kate, we're going to Facetime until our faces fall off when I get home and have decent wifi! xoxoxo Kristi

  4. hahahaha! these pics cracked me up!


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