Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's like Deja Vue all over again.

Well for a third day in a row it was grooming day
but first....

We took the Doods for a walk on the beach and I remembered to bring a
camera so that we could get a few shots of the neighborhood.

Lucy (L) Gracie (R) Pose on the beach with their new coifs.

Our Self Portrait on the beach.

The "Colorado River" 
I guess the Texans had to have their own... 
 It's not the REAL Colorado River but that's what it's named.

This is looking at it as it runs thru the jetty out to to the Gulf.

Turning around and looking inland.
You can see the Trailers in the distance behind the building which is
the Nature Center.
The River runs right behind our camper.

Finally back at the house I had one more Cut & Comb to perform...

I'm still trying to get Kate in the chair.

At least me & the Doods are looking shipshape.

Oh - by the way...
Have you noticed that I changed the blogs background picture?
Previously I had the Hayden Valley in Yellowstone - one of my favorite
places on earth but changed it a couple of days ago for a while.

Does anyone know where the current background picture is from?


  1. I still have my FAV.....G on the (R)...sorry L on the (L)....hey, you guys look great! LIFE IS GOOD...

  2. That's ok Hayden... most people like Lucy so its nice to Know that my little Gracie has her admirers (besides me)

    Gracie is usually more reserved with people but she really took to you.

  3. Now I need to see your buzzzzzcut, Bud! I am so sorry we didn't come to this place together.....Borrego Springs! Temp is perrrrrfect! Establishment is totally class! I love vacillating between boondocking and high rent RV parks. It's soooogood for the soul. Is yer head cold? Xoxo o kristi and Jim


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