Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Road to Goshen

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting in a RV spot at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds
in Goshen, Indiana.  Tomorrow morning I have my first appointment
at MorRyde Industries to have my suspension and brakes replaced.
That will be Monday and Tuesdays excitement.

I left yesterday morning at abut 0715 with no real plan for where to end my day.
I figured when I felt like stopping I would.

It was a real pretty late fall/early winter afternoon with temps in the mid 50's
and low 60's.

After traveling west on I40, in the vicinity of Mayberry I grabbed I77 North 
which would take me thru Va, West Va, and into Ohio.

Leaving the Mayberry area on I77 you immediately climb hard up onto the 
Blue Ridge Plateau and begin to cross the Appalachian Mountains.

While all the leaves are pretty much gone
there is not yet any snow up on the Blue Ridge Plateau.

I77 thru W Va is a pain to drive with a trailer.  The road goes up and down and
round and round.  It is bumpy, winding, and requires constant concentration.

The picture above is probably the longest straight stretch in the state.

Eventually I put W Va behind me and then night fell while cruising thru Ohio.

The view from the cockpit

At about 8pm I found a Walmart north of Columbus Ohio and pulled into the lot
to call it a day.

A quick cup of coffee and it was off to bed.

Today dawned windy and rainy.  I had only about 4 hrs left to drive so I 
loafed along taking my time and rolled into the fairground at noon.

It's no place to write home about.. but it is a quiet place to park and plug in so its home
for tonight.

After getting set up, I unhooked and drove up to MorRyde to see where I have to go
in the morning.  I then checked out the location of some other places that I need to
go while here.

Around 3pm I stopped at a local diner for my first thing to eat since yesterday afternoon.

Now I'm back at the coach watching some football, blogging and enjoying
the fireplace.

Tomorrow....  they cut the axles off of the rig.


  1. Greg. This is so cool how you run so many miles while it takes us all day to go 45! Very cool run. Live the cockpit view. Nice. Cutting the rig up better be covered by Montana I hope. We are along for the ride.

  2. Greg:

    Your comment on the road in WVA brought back memories - what a place. We used to joke about the road the 9 months we lived there. Good luck on the repairs.

    We're now anchored in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou. Had a great passage up from St Georges yesterday. Now relaxing having a cup of coffee then off to fix the dink.


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