Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rockhound State Park

After a leisurely start today we arrived at our initial destination
Rockhound State Park in Deming, NM

We again fought westerly headwinds all day - this time upwards of 35 mph.

Our route took us thru El Paso, Tx and at one point Interstate 10 is
literally a couple of hundred feet from the border.  You can see the border fence
running for miles and miles.

Our arrival here at Rockhound will now give us 3 days of down time,
and allow me to focus on work without the added pressure of traveling.

This is a shot of my office phone mounted and operational.
I wonder how many RV's have these...  probably more than you would think.

This is our home for the next 3 days.  The site is huge!  I could park 4 or 5
of my rigs on it.

It is on the side of a mountain above the town of Deming, and the wind is
blowing pretty strong.  The nice thing is that it is blowing from dead ahead
of the coach so there is no rocking at all.

Tonight however them temps are going down into the 20's so again we'll be
dug down deep into the comforters.

This is the view from one side window looking down towards Deming
There is only about 20 Campsites here.  Each has Electric and water.

And below is the view out the back window....  Not to shabby!

There are trails up the mountain and the Rockhunting is supposed to be excellent
(hence the name of the park)
There are several types of gemstones to be found here and the park allows you
to collect up to 15 lbs per day.

Meanwhile inside the Coach, Christmas is in full swing.
Kate has decorated for the holidays and it makes our little home all
the more cozy and comfy

The fireplace is going and helping to warm the interior.

Above us at the top of the mountain are several TV transmission towers so
when I set up and ran a scan on the TV we had 21 Digital Stations...
I didn't even have to aim the antenna!

Our main concern was that tonight is the season finale of "Survivor" and we
are both big fans so we were hoping that we would be able to find a CBS station
and no problem with that so we are good to go.

You see - even though we have Satellite TV - we do not get local stations over the
Satellite once we leave our local area without calling Dish and going thru a process.
You don't want to do it too many times or they could get grouchy so I'll save it till
we get to Tucson and are stationary for several weeks.

So folks...
We are comfy cozy on the side of a mountain watching Dallas vs Pittsburgh,
and are going to stay put here for a few days.

Tonight promises to be a clear, dark, star filled sky.


  1. Looks like Christmas is in full swing. We plan to put up our Christmas lights later today.

    What do you burn in your fireplace?

    1. We are traditionalists here... be burn Kilowatts in the fireplace. LOL

      It has one of those fake flames and a 6,000 BTU heater. Not perfect but not bad either. On a cold night like last night (25 degrees) the heater keeps the main propane heat down to running every 30 - 40 minutes and saves us the fuel.

  2. Looks awesome! you guys have it made!!


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